Vino What?

You like to drink wine?  You like to drink good wine?  Of course you do – along with good food it is one of life’s truly great pleasures.

So how do you maximise your wine $ ensuring you get to drink beautiful wine from a selection of wineries at the most affordable price?  This was my dilemma.  Yes there is the local bottle shop and they do have some decent specials, but don’t you find you fall into the trap of purchasing the same old wines and varieties that you are comfortable with or ones that seem to be a good price at the time only to be disappointed with the quality?  I also purchased wine online but again tended to play it a bit safe with wines, regions and grape varieties with which I was familiar.

You are no doubt aware of the saying “out of adversity comes greatness”, well that happened to me resulting in my discovery of Vinomofo and yes, you read it correctly and yes, it really does mean that!

Having put my back out, I was laid up on the couch unable to move with only Angus, the Golden Retriever and my iPad for company.  Wondering what the rest of the world was up to, I was reading the Age (a Melbourne newspaper) website and came across an article about Vinomofo.  I was immediately intrigued by the name and,  deciding I needed to investigate further, proceeded to their website.

It was like a breath of fresh air.  I found myself laughing as I read which, I recall, hurt at the time!  No stuffy, wine snobbery here.  Their approach is straightforward, irreverent and irresistible!  They even give you matching recipes which is a bonus for us foodies.

What do you want to buy?  What about a Secret Deal or a Packapalooza Pack?  Or how about a Black Market Deal or a Salvation Case?  Sometimes you know what you are buying but other times you have no idea other than the hint of the region and grape variety.

Fortunately, my credit card was within easy reach so I purchased a Black Market deal which was a selection of red wines.  I was a little hesitant as I had no idea what was going to turn up but I needn’t have worried.

Since that first purchase, Vinomofo has introduced me to a heap of wineries I didn’t know existed, grape varietals I wouldn’t have ordinarily tried or chosen and just a wonderful wine experience in general.

Even the cartons they deliver in bring a smile to your face and must brighten up the delivery guy’s day!

The value for money is exceptional – I know for a fact I have only paid around $20 for wine retailing at $50-$100 per bottle and they have some amazing value quaffers with a flat rate shipping fee (sometimes it’s even free).  I think they only ship within Australia but I’m sure it wouldn’t hurt to ask.

They have a warning on their site that Vinomofo can be seriously addictive.

I can vouch for that……







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