Signature Breakfast

There are so many good things about Sunday morning.  Having a sleep in, a cup of tea in bed and a wonderful cooked breakfast to look forward to.  Okay, so a cooked breakfast may not be up there with healthy muesli or fruit and yoghurt but there is something about the full monty that is irresistible and so much a part of the weekend – well to me anyway and my family and friends.  

Over the years, I have developed what I call my Signature Breakfast which seems to go down well with everyone.  If you would like to indulge, here it is:

Signature Breakfast

2 Eggs per person

Streaky Bacon – allow between 2 to 4 rashers per person depending how large they are

4 Mushrooms per person, cut into quarters 

1 Tomato per person, halved, sprinkled with sea salt flakes and ground black pepper

Two pieces of good quality bread per person such as sourdough or ciabatta, toasted

The key to this breakfast is that everything is cooked in one large frypan, with the exception of the eggs which are poached in a separate pan.  

Begin by putting the streaky bacon into the cold pan and put on the heat.  When the bacon is rendering all its fat and beginning to crisp up, add the tomatoes and mushrooms.  As we know, fat is flavour, and these will be the best tasting mushrooms ever!  Keep everything moving around the pan until the bacon is all crozzled up and crispy, the tomatoes have softened and the mushrooms have cooked up all that delicious flavour.

Poach the eggs in a saucepan of boiling water with the addition of a splash of white wine vinegar to hold the whites together.  Drain the bacon, mushrooms and tomatoes on kitchen paper.

Place two pieces of toast on each plate and top with a poached egg on each slice, add the rashers of bacon, the mushrooms and tomato and…………enjoy!

Sunday’s don’t start off much better than this!

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