My Christmas Cookbooks 2016

Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas unless I received at least one cookbook to pour over during the holiday season. This Christmas I was lucky enough to receive another Rick Stein cookbook. He is one of my favourite cookbook authors – not just for the great recipes and the hints and tips and adaptations he suggests if he knows you won’t be able to easily find a certain ingredient, but the book is just a good read – full of interesting information, observations and humour, not to mention great photography. I can very happily pick up any Rick Stein cookbook any time and enjoy it, in fact it usually starts off by looking for a certain recipe and then I’ll emerge from the book a couple of hours later having got completely lost in it!

Anyway, back to this book in particular which is Long Weekends and accompanies the TV series of the same name which I have already watched and enjoyed. Oh the luxury of living in Europe and being able to take off for a long weekend to enjoy the different cultures and cuisine of so many different cities! Unfortunately not a luxury afforded when you live so far away in Australia! Having said that, this sort of book definitely helps narrow down the places to visit next time you find yourself planning an overseas trip.

The book takes you to such diverse cities as Reykjavik and Thessaloniki whilst making sure to visit iconic culinary centres such as Bologna and Bordeaux. It is definitely foodie escapism heaven and I am totally enjoying the book and the recipes.

Another gift I received, which technically is not a cookbook but I am including it here anyway, is a subscription to the magazine Italianicious. I am a complete italophile so this was the perfect present for me. It is an Australian magazine for Aussies who love all things Italian. It has lots of articles about the different areas and cities in Italy, Italian food and products and Italian restaurants in Australia. It is bi monthly and the fact I read my first issue cover to cover I think speaks for itself and I still keep dipping in and out of it all the time. It is something a little bit different, a very good quality produced magazine and I am looking forward to receiving my future issues.

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