Is there anything more beautiful or mood-inducing than candlelight?

Anyone visiting our house may be forgiven for thinking there is a permanent power outage as there are always candles lit.  Even during daylight hours, there will be a fragrant candle burning somewhere in the house offering up a calming and welcoming scent.  At the end of a busy day, it is so relaxing to fall into a comfy chair and soak up the ambience that candlelight creates and feel the pressures of the day drift away.

I use candles everywhere:

In the bathroom – combine candlelight and a glass of bubbly for the ultimate spa experience

In the bedroom – romantic, what more needs to be said?

In the dining room – a beautiful addition to any table setting

In the kitchen – a scented candle can overcome cooking odours

In the living room – creates a relaxing atmosphere

In the hallway – a scented candle is a beautiful way to welcome guests into your home

On the patio – creates a beautiful evening glow and can also keep those pesky mozzies at bay!

I hope there is a little inspiration for you to light a few candles around your place, just make sure you always place them somewhere safe and never leave unattended and observe the burning times recommended by the manufacturers.

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