Look at my Lemons!

Aren’t they beautiful?  Small but perfectly formed, I have just harvested them from my dwarf Meyer lemon tree.

When you enjoy cooking, there can be few better feelings than using produce you have actually grown yourself.

I can’t claim to have green fingers – I do grow my own herbs, lemons and I also have a kaffir lime tree which fruits abundantly and provides those beautiful leaves for cooking fragrant Thai dishes – but my other attempts have been, well, pretty pathetic!  My lettuce ran away to seed, my cucumbers shrivelled up and my tomato harvest was less than impressive to say the least.

So you can probably understand why I am waxing so lyrical about my lemons.

I shall be planting out my veggie patch again and will post an update on what goes in and what eventually ends up coming out!

In the meantime, I shall contemplate what dishes will show off my beautiful lemons to best effect…….


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