Penfolds Bin 707

When you talk about red wine, there would be few people, even non-wine aficionados, who would not have heard of Penfolds Grange – the iconic Australian Shiraz.

Their equivalent Cabernet Sauvignon label, the Bin 707, however is not so immediately recognisable to everyone.  As part of our ‘Big Weekend’, we were privileged to enjoy a 2001 bottle of this magnificent wine.

With anticipation growing we decanted the wine at lunchtime to allow plenty of time for it to breathe.  The scent of the cork only heightened our expectation of what was to come – the most beautiful blackcurrant aroma and the sediment confirming the age of the bottle.

The afternoon passed with lingering glances towards the dining room table on which the decanter sat.   Patience prevailed.  After all, it had waited fourteen years so another few hours wouldn’t hurt.

Dinner had to do justice to this wine and we chose to eat a fillet of beef.  The carving knife sliced through the meat like butter.

The meal was served.  The wine was poured.

Looks were exchanged across and around the table.  We raised our glasses and toasted the occasion.  The wine swirled in the glass and as everyone inhaled the incredible bouquet, there were nods and murmurs of approval.  Everyone took a drink.  Looks around the table again and then broad grins. Yes.

Yes, yes, yes!  So, so smooth – probably the best wine I have tasted (so far).

If you love wine and if you have a sense of occasion, please try your utmost to experience such a special wine moment.  It may seem all too fleeting at the time, but the memory will linger long after the bottle is empty.


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