Baby’s Back! The Tale of the Broken Coffee Machine

They say you don’t really appreciate something until it’s gone.  That was certainly the case when an over enthusiastic milk frothing session on our DeLonghi coffee machine saw the frothing lever and coffee machine part company.  Some masking tape and crossed fingers saw a quick fix to get us through but unfortunately that quickly came, well, unstuck!

There was nothing else for it – it had to go to the Coffee Machine Hospital.  My husband, who is the resident barista in our household, took his ‘baby’ (there was a time he called me his baby but now it’s the coffee machine!) hoping it would be quickly returned to its former state.  When told it would take two weeks as they had to get the part from over east, he went into instant withdrawal exclaiming “What??  I can’t go without my coffee for two weeks!!!”

Truth be told, I wasn’t that happy about the situation either.  You know those certain times of the day when you always have a coffee and then suddenly, well, you just can’t. And call me a coffee snob but I’m afraid instant just isn’t an option.

Two weeks eh?  Well something had to be done so I found myself walking around the small appliance area of a local store looking at my coffee appliance options.  Something inexpensive but functional was the order of the day and I found myself looking at capsule machines.  That brought George Clooney to mind and I must admit I forgot about coffee for a moment.  Well I suppose if it’s good enough for him it could get us through for a couple of weeks.  As luck would have it, there was a special offer going whereby if you bought so many capsules, you got the capsule machine free of charge – bonus!  Obviously the coffee gods were smiling on me.

Two weeks and several capsules later, my husband got the call.   Baby was ready.  He couldn’t get in the car fast enough.

The empty space in the kitchen is no more.  Life is back to normal.  Baby’s back.


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