Thai Red Pork Curry

I come home from work and am wondering what to cook for dinner.  Usually I am fairly organised and know what is on the menu pretty much for the whole week but this week has been a bit disjointed – I didn’t do my usual shop and so find myself looking through the freezer and pantry for inspiration.  

The freezer delivers some leftover pork from the Christmas Day feast which I cubed and froze and some frozen peas and the pantry delivers a jar of Thai red curry paste, a can of light and creamy coconut milk and some basmati rice.  Further investigation in the vegetable crisper reveals a sweet potato – yes I think we might have the beginnings of something tasty here.  How about a Thai Red Pork Curry?

Thai Red Pork Curry

500gm Diced Pork

2 tbspn of Thai Red Curry Paste

1 Small Sweet Potato, peeled and cubed

A couple of handfuls of frozen Peas

375ml Light & Creamy Coconut Evaporated Milk

3 Kaffir Lime Leaves, shredded (fortunately I have a Kaffir lime tree but you could probably substitute lime juice here)

Basmati Rice to serve

Put a tablespoon of oil into a wok and add the curry paste and cook for about 30 seconds to a minute.  Add the pork (you can use raw or cooked as I did defrosted from the freezer – obviously the cooked doesn’t need cooking as long as the raw) and coat in the curry paste and then add coconut milk and then the sweet potato and lime leaves.  

Cook for about 5 – 10 minutes until the pork and sweet potato are cooked and then add the frozen peas (or any other green vegetable you have to hand such as beans but you definitely need a bit of green!).   Serve with basmati rice.

This recipe would comfortably serve four people.

Not a bad result for a freezer and store cupboard dinner!


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