Smoked Salmon Rillettes

When you have people over for dinner and your main course needs some attention before serving, it’s a good idea to have a starter that is pre-prepared so that’s one less thing for you to think about.  This recipe fits the bill perfectly and is also very tasty.  It is also perfect to put out as part of a simple lunch platter or just to nibble on with drinks.  This quantity serves four as an entree.

Smoked Salmon Rillettes

100g cream cheese

100g crème fraîche

100g smoked salmon trimmings, half diced 

2-3 tsp creamed horseradish – to your taste

Small bunch of dill, chopped with a few sprigs for decoration

Toasted baguette

Put all the ingredients except the diced smoked salmon into a food processor and process to combine until smooth.  Fold through through the diced smoked salmon and then split the mixture between four small ramekins.

Chill in the refrigerator for at least two hours before serving with some toasted baguette, micro herbs and a decoration of dill.


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